We offer quality services to all our customers.

Our Technicians are licensed, certified, and experienced, plus we have the best diagnostic tools and latest repair information so we can find and fix any problem you may have.

Drop by or call to set up an appointment. When you drop your vehicle, grab a complimentary cup of coffee or tea while you wait, or we will gladly drive you home or to work and pick you up once the job has been completed.

Repair Service

If your vehicle is doing something it shouldn’t or not doing something it should, we can find the problem and fix it!

Accessories and Performance

We can source and install almost any performance part or accessory you may want. LED lighting, lift kits, bumpers, winches, cold air intakes, exhaust systems, headers, and much more!

Dash Warning Lights

The warning lights on your instrument cluster are there to let you know that there is a problem. We’re here to find and fix that problem! Don’t ignore them; when a light comes on, you may do more damage to your vehicle by continuing to drive, or you may be missing the protection of an important safety system such as Antilock Brakes or Airbags.


Regular maintenance saves you money! By regularly inspecting and maintaining your vehicle, we can catch small issues before they become costly breakdowns. Plus, your vehicle will be safer, last longer, drive better, and use less fuel!

Timing Belts

If your vehicle has a timing belt, it must be changed after a certain mileage (usually about every 100,000 km) or it will eventually break and cause major and expensive engine damage. If you’re not sure if you have one, you don’t know when it was last changed, or want to know what the manufacturer’s suggested replacement interval is, come see us!

The Go, The Stop, and The Greasy…

All of the things you don’t see on your vehicle are the most important things. The engine, transmission, transfer case, driveline, springs, shocks, steering, axles, and brakes are what really makes your vehicle what it is. We’ve seen many shiny, clean cars and trucks that are not safe to be driven on a public road. Let us handle the dirty bits, so that you can just get in and drive, knowing that you can go, stop, and turn with complete confidence!

Computers and Hi-Tech

Almost every function in your modern vehicle is controlled by a computer. In fact, the Apollo Space Program that put mankind on the Moon used much less computing power than just the computer that runs your engine! When you have an issue with any electronic part or function, we have the latest diagnostic tools and repair information to find the Electrical Gremlins and chase them away for good!


Round and black…what more do you need to know? Do you have the right tires on your vehicle (tread type, load range, size), are they inflated to the proper pressure, and are they in good condition? Did you know that different patterns of wear on your tires can point to other problems such as bad alignment, weak shocks, worn steering parts, or improper inflation pressure? Remember, if your tires can’t grip the road, you can’t stop, turn, or go!
Come see us for a health check on your tires, and if you need the pressure checked and adjusted. We do summer and winter tire changeovers, service Tire Pressure Monitor Systems, and can supply new tires and repair leaks as well; we never get ‘tired’ of helping!

We are an AC Delco ACE affiliate

This means we have access to the latest AC Delco professional training so we can take care of your vehicle better!

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